Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hatboro Service Offers Hot Water Heater Tips

Learn To Deal With Common Problems With Hot Water Heaters 

Hot water heaters may have problems regularly that you have to deal with. When you are aware of what to watch out for, it is very easy to avoid serious complications in the future. Being prepared helps you get problems fixed before they cost you a lot of money.

Water Has A Bad Odor There are different reasons why a strange odor would be coming from the water in your home. You have to figure out first whether the source water is the problem or if it's the water heater. Do you have a problem with both the hot and cold water or just the cold? Then that means it's probably from the source water.

If your only source of problems is the hot water, it probably has something to do with the anode rod and how its interacting with the water. The odor issue can be dealt with by flushing your hot water heater tank if it smells like rotten eggs. If that doesn't really help, then it may be time to replace your anode rod. For a garlic like scent in your water, you may just have a pilot light that went out. Your gas control valve should be turned to off, and then after the smell of gas is gone you can try relighting the pilot light. If you ever have this problem, you should call an HVAC company right away.

Never try to light it if you notice that the gas smell is sticking around and is strong. Hot Water Issues Sometimes your hot water will be far too hot to comfortably use. You can always turn down the temperature. Make sure you take note of the setting and then that you try turning it down. After a couple of hours, you can check the water to see if it's not as hot. If there are still problems, you may have serious issues like a faulty temperature pressure relief valve.

You must get a professional out to help you if this valve has problems and in the meantime you need to turn down the water heater as much as possible until then. If you have a hot water heater, chances are you are going to end up having to deal with these common issues. They may not be apparent for a while or they can happen later today. Keep an eye on your hot water heater and it will be easy to notice when issues arise.

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